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Ferrotron® AND Fluxtrol®

Ferrotron® and Fluxtrol® are so-called magneto-dielectric materials (MDM). They have both ferromagnetic and dielectric properties and are therefore ideally suited for the concentration or shielding of high-frequency (1 KHZ - 5 MHz) electromagnetic fields.

Ferrotron® and Fluxtrol® consist of soft iron particles that are uniformly embedded in a high-performance thermoplastic.

The soft iron-plastic compound is processed into solid semi-finished products in the presssintering process. Various shapes and dimensions are available for machining. Components in simple geometry can also be pressed directly into shape if sufficient quantities are available.

The proportion, shape and distribution of the soft iron particles in the plastic allow the magnetic and electrical properties to be specifically adjusted. Thus we can offer Ferrotron® and Fluxtrol® types with a magnetisation of up to 1.6 Tesla and a magnetic permeability of max. 120 μr.

The plastic used is a high-temperature polymer that can permanently withstand temperatures of 250 to 300 °C. At the same time, the plastic gives the magneto-dielectric materials the best processing properties, so that they can be shaped excellently with the usual machining processes.

Information on the mode of action

Mode of action of Ferrotron® and Fluxtrol

Every electrical field is influenced by its environment. Every conductive object introduced into an electric field changes it due to the separation of charges.

In alternating electric fields in which a current flows, an alternating magnetic field is created at the same time. These electromagnetic fields spread evenly around the conductor. The propagation can be prevented or directed by introducing a ferromagnetic substance into the field.

Ferrotron® and Fluxtrol® are such ferromagnetic materials which, depending on the type, offer different permeability to different frequency electromagnetic fields and thus allow concentration or shielding.

Influence of ferromagnetic field concentrators on magnetic fields

Because of these properties, Ferrotron® and Fluxtrol® are used, for example, to shield highfrequency electromagnetic fields in antenna technology or to align the magnetic field in induction heating.

Induction coil (black) with shielding made of Fluxtrol® A

Information on the properties

Properties of Ferrotron®, Fluxtrol® and Alphaform

Ferrotron® and Fluxtrol® consist of soft iron particles that are uniformly embedded in a highperformance
thermoplastic. The proportion, shape and distribution of the soft iron particles in the plastic allows the properties of the materials to be specifically influenced.

We offer different types for different frequency ranges:

  • Fluxtrol® A - for the low frequency range up to 30 kHz
  • Fluxtrol® 100 - for the low frequency range up to 3 kHz
  • Fluxtrol® 50 - for the medium frequency range up to 500 kHz
  • Ferrotron® 559 - for the high frequency range up to 1 MHz
  • Alphaform® LF - Ferromagnetic paste for applications up to 50 kHz
  • Alphaform® MF - Ferromagnetic paste for applications up to 450 kHz

In addition, some special types for extremely high or very low frequency ranges are available on request.

Permeability of the MDM in relation to field strength

Information on the fields of application

Frequency application ranges of Ferrotron® and Fluxtrol

The different Ferrotron® and Fluxtrol® types were developed for use in different frequency ranges:

  • Fluxtrol® A - Low frequency up to 30 kHz
  • Fluxtrol® 50 - Medium frequency up to 500 kHz
  • Ferrotron® 559 - High frequency up to 1 MHz

Of course, the materials can also be used according to their magnetic properties or combined with each other to achieve a special alignment of the magnetic field.

Selection chart according to magnetic permeability and frequency

Use of Ferrotron and Fluxtrol in induction heating

Induction heating

In induction heating, an alternating current flowing through a conductor (inductor) generates an alternating electromagnetic field. If an electrically conductive workpiece is placed in the field, the alternating magnetisation induces eddy currents in the workpiece, which lead to self-heating. This principle is mainly used to heat workpieces without contact, e.g. for hardening, soldering or preheating components.

With Ferrotron® and Fluxtrol® the electromagnetic field can be manipulated to act in a specific direction. This allows the following results to be achieved:

  • Optimisation of the heating pattern
  • EIncreased inductor power
  • More efficient use of power
  • Targeted influencing of the magnetic field
  • Improvement of the repeat accuracy
  • Protection against uncontrolled heating
Use of induction heating when hardening camshafts

advantages of Ferrotron® and Fluxtrol®

Magnetic field concentrators made of Ferrotron® and Fluxtrol® are also convincing in induction heating compared to conventional concentrators made of soft iron sheets (also transformer sheets or laminates) or ferrites.

Magnetic field concentrators made of Ferrotron® and Fluxtrol® offer the following advantages:

  • can be used in all frequency ranges
  • relatively high magnetisation
  • no measurable Curie point
  • good effect also in 3D magnetic fields and on ring coils
  • excellent machinability (good machinability)
  • relatively high impact strength
  • insensitive to thermal shocks
  • wide range of dimensions available

Especially in comparison to the soft iron sheets, the effort to adapt the concentrators to the inductor geometry is many times lower when using Ferrotron® and Fluxtrol® and the achievable precision is significantly higher.

However, the use of Ferrotron® and Fluxtrol® also brings advantages in terms of energy consumption. The table below shows measured values from a test in which the same inductors were tested, once without and once with magnetic field concentrators made of Ferrotron® and Fluxtrol®.

without magnetic field

with Ferrotron® or Fluxtrol®

Current in the coil (A)



Current voltage in the coil (V)



Capacity (kW)



Customer trials have confirmed energy savings of 30% and more! A short YouTube video about the comparison of inductors with and without concentrators made of Ferrotron® and Fluxtrol® can be seen under the next list item!

Transformer plates vs. Ferrotron® & Fluxtrol®
No fanning out when using Ferrotron® and Fluxtrol®

YouTube-Video of Ferrotron® and Fluxtrol® in induction heating

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