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plastic competence

Hardly any other discovery has changed the world as much as the invention of plastics. Today's world can no longer be imagined without these light, yet strong materials with their extraordinary resistance to corrosion. We are surrounded by them everywhere - in the house, in the car, in leisure time and in numerous other areas of daily life.

But plastics are also assuming more and more functions in machines, in mechanical or technical applications and often displace conventional materials due to their special properties.

Plastic is the material of our choice! For more than 50 years, POLYTRON has been processing these extraordinary materials into technical components that have been used in all imaginable technical applications. And new areas of application are added every day ....

If you want to learn more about these extraordinary materials, you can find information in this section about the materials we frequently use. In doing so, we make no claim to completeness, but we believe that we have a large part of engineering plastics in our portfolio. We are happy to provide you with an overview ....

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