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Semi-finished products

Semi-finished products made of high-quality technical thermoplastics and thermosets are the usual starting material for our precision-made plastic components.

Of course, we prefer to process these semi-finished products ourselves, as we are convinced that it takes years of experience and the appropriate machinery to produce components of the desired quality from the semi-finished plastic products.

However, many of our customers have gained exactly this experience over the years when manufacturing their own components with our semi-finished products, so that we are also valued as a supplier of semi-finished products.

Our delivery programme mainly comprises semi-finished products made of so-called special and high-performance plastics. We offer an extensive portfolio, which includes not only fluoroplastics (PTFE etc.) and polyaryletherketones (PEEK etc.), but also polyarylsulphides (PPS) and -sulphones (PSU etc.) as well as various polyimides (PI, PAI, PBI, PEI etc.)

In addition, we have the complete range of semi-finished products in our delivery programme, from standard and technical plastics to thermosetting laminates.

For information on the available semi-finished product dimensions, please click on the product groups highlighted in blue!


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