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Plastic ink-rollers

Ink rolls are used as an ink reservoir or reservoir in high-speed impact printing units for expiry date marking.

In these printing units, the ink is usually transferred evenly from the ink roller to the steel types by means of a rubber transfer roller or directly to a rubber cliché printing roller.

Our plastic ink rollers are based on the open-porous special plastic Nylasint® 64HV. These ink rollers differ from the well-known rubber or felt ink rollers by their hard surface! The Nylasint® roller body ensures a uniform release of the oil-based inks and also serves as a filter.

  • more information about ink rolls made of Nylasint® can be found here ...
  • for more information about Nylasint 64HV please click here!

We offer comprehensive advice on the subject of ink rolls! For further information -  especially about the available dimensions - we look forward to your call or e-mail! Just contact us!


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