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Torlon® - Polyamid-imid (PAI)

Torlon® is a high-performance polymer that can be used at extreme temperatures and high mechanical stress without any problems!

Torlon® is an amorphous, thermoplastic polyimide which unlike the polyether-imide obtains its thermoplastic properties through the incorporation of aromatic amide groups.

Torlon®, produced from the original raw material of SOLVAY, is despite its amorphous structure not transparent and only supplied exclusively colored. It is an extremely strong, flexurally rigid and above all wear-resistant plastic with a wide operating temperature range from minus 200°C to plus 260°C.

Unlike other high-performance thermoplastics which become brittle in cold conditions and whose strength values drop significantly with increasing temperature, Torlon® retains its mechanical strength values to a large extent over the entire operating temperature range and does not melt even after reaching the glass transition temperature. In addition, Torlon® has a very low thermal expansion and, especially with the fiber-reinforced grades, allows extremely dimensionally stable components.

Main Features

  • heat deflection temperature 280°C
  • extreme wear resistance
  • excellent mechanical strength.

To ensure the excellent mechanical and chemical properties the finished product must undergo a precise temperature cycle called "postcuring" which depends on the geometry or wall thickness of the component. This procedure is indispensable for the proper use of Torlon® and should only be carried out by qualified and specialized companies.

Torlon® is available in various, reinforced and tribologically optimized designs.

Stress-strain diagram of various Torlon® types
Tensile modulus and tensile elongation of various Torlon® types

With one click you get an overview of the processed qualities, the available semi-finished product dimensions and granulate qualities!

Click here to go to the Torlon® website of the raw material manufacturer Solvay!


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