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Torlon® Types

Torlon® is available in various reinforced and tribologically optimized versions. The different types can be divided into two categories: high strength and wear resistant.

High-strength Torlon® Types

Torlon® 4203 (PAI)
is the standard unreinforced grade. It is high strength and has the highest impact strength of all Torlon® grades. In addition, the material has a low thermal expansion and best insulation properties. >Data Sheet

Torlon® 5030 (PAI GF30)
is a PAI reinforced with 30% glass fiber. The material offers high stiffness and good mechanical strength combined with considerable toughness. Even under the influence of temperature, Torlon® 5030 shows only the slightest creep tendency. >Data Sheet

Torlon® 7130 (PAI CF30)
is a PAI reinforced with 30% carbon fibers. The reinforcement results in exceptionally high stiffness, strength and creep resistance even under extreme temperature stress. In contrast to glass fibers, carbon fibers engage in sliding applications do not contact the mating partner. >Data Sheet

Wear-resistant Torlon® Types

Torlon® 4275 (PAI GR20)
is a grade with increased graphite content which improves sliding properties and wear resistance. Torlon® 4275 is therefore particularly suitable for sliding applications at higher sliding speeds. >Data Sheet

Torlon® 4301 (PAI GR12)
is the standard plain bearing version. The material offers good wear and sliding properties with high mechanical strength at the same time. Thus Torlon® 4301 is particularly suitable for loaded sliding and bearing elements. >Data Sheet

Torlon® 4435 (PAI mod)
is a tribologically modified type for extreme applications. The combination of different fillers gives the material best wear properties at high speeds and high surface pressure. >Data Sheet

Torlon® 4630 (PAI GR, TF)
is also a tribologically modified grade for non-lubricated applications. Torlon® 4630 offers the highest wear resistance in the dry running. >Data Sheet

Torlon® 4645 (PAI CF, TF)
is a plain bearing grade as well which - due to its filler combination - offers highest wear resistance in lubricated applications. >Data Sheet

We attach great importance to the correct choice of material because only the right plastic will show the desired result in the application. Our application engineers offer you comprehensive advice on all aspects of material selection!

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