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Shim discs
for grinding wheels

When fastening grinding wheels by means of clamping flanges and when using grinding wheel sets with spacers, suitable intermediate layers must be placed between the abrasive and the flange or spacer (BGV D 12)!

Polytron 19G shim washers meet the requirements of BGV D 12 and are used instead of rubber, cardboard, felt or leather shims when tensioning grinding wheels.

Compared to rubber, cardboard, felt or leather, shims made of Polytron 19G offer considerable advantages when used correctly:

  • no moisture absorption, no swelling
  • highest dimensional stability
  • even force distribution
  • resistant to all common cooling media
  • no abrasion, no dust formation
  • good compressive strength
  • easy assembly and disassembly..

We developed the 19G pads almost 40 years ago and had their outstanding functionality compared to other materials confirmed by the former grinding wheel committee (DSA).
Today, the original shim discs made of Polytron 19G have proven themselves tens of thousands of times in the most diverse grinding applications!

For further information on the fields of application and the available dimensions, please click here!


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