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Strong partners are a decisive competitive advantage in today's world. They help to compensate for disadvantages, extend advantages and drive the development of the company. However, the partnership principle is based on mutuality, so we support our partners to our mutual advantage as well.

Our most important partners are, of course, our employees and our environment, through which action is possible in the first place. But without our customers and suppliers and other supporting organisations, business would also be impossible.

In the following we list the partners with whom we maintain a lively exchange of information, with whom we work closely, e.g. in development projects, or whose actions we support directly.

By opening the individual categories, the individual partners are shown. One click will take you to the corresponding websites where you can find further information.

We will continue to expand the partner area and fill it with links to our most important cooperations.
Our customers, on the other hand, appreciate our discretion and are therefore not mentioned.


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