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Types of bearing bushes and sliding elements

There are different types of slide bearings which are made of plastics. In addition, many other applications are known in which the good sliding properties of plastics are used to simplify a design. For example, a plastic roller in the mounting hole can already be designed as a plain bearing instead of having an extra bearing.

Types of bearing bushes and sliding elements

POLYTRON does not only advise on the selection of the suitable bearing material and the design of the component in accordance with the plastic material. We have also been manufacturing bearing bushes and sliding elements in various designs and sizes for over 50 years. With us, you do not need to adhere to any product catalogue when designing!

In addition, the plastic slide bearings manufactured by machining from semi-finished products offer a great advantage over directly formed, injection-moulded slide bearings.

The semi-finished plastics required for machining usually have better mechanical properties than the granulates used in injection moulding. Direct comparisons have proven that turned slide bearings, for example, have a 30 to 40% longer service life than the comparable injection-moulded version. Contact us for comprehensive application advice on the subject of plain bearings.

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