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Weight, temperature RESISTANCE, strength

The demands on plastics in mechanical applications in the aerospace industry are extremely high. First of all, the materials used are often required to have high temperature resistance. The plastic components have to work when the aircraft is standing under the equatorial sun with running engines for hours and temperatures of  80°C and more can arise, but also at temperatures as low as minus 80°C at the altitudes at which aircrafts normally move. For applications in the engine sector, even much higher demands are placed on temperature resistance.

Advantages of plastics in general

  • low weight and high specific strength
  • high resistance to chemicals and corrosion
  • good dry running properties

In addition, the plastics are also expected to have a corresponding mechanical strength and high wear resistance at the temperatures mentioned. Last but not least, low flammability and, in case of fire, low smoke gas development are assumed (JAR/FAR 25.853). High-performance plastics meet these specific requirements to a particular degree and are therefore increasingly used as a material for mechanical components in the aerospace industry.

Special advantages of high-performance plastics

  • wide temperature application range
  • high strength, even at elevated temperatures
  • low flammability and low smoke emission in case of fire

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