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Application areas in food and packaging technology

For applications in food technology where plastics may come into contact with food or food-like products (e.g. pharmaceuticals, luxury food, personal hygiene products or similar), POLYTRON offers so-called "Food Grades (FG)" plastics.

These plastics meet the highest purity requirements and are used e.g. for components in and on systems of

  • filling technology
  • bakery technology
  • chemical engineering
  • fish and meat technology
  • luxury food technology
  • beverage technology
  • dairy and cheese technology
  • pharmaceutical and biotechnology
  • packaging technology

These special plastics are used wherever there is or could be direct contact with food.

Plastics are not only used for sealing and sliding applications in food and packaging technology. Plastics are also used for

  • photographs and microscope slides
  • dosing systems (pistons, mixing heads, hoppers, valves ...)
  • conveying elements (screws, stars, rails, switches ...)
  • moulds and stamps
  • grippers, holders and key elements
  • mixing elements (stirrers, scrapers, drums ...)

and other components.

You can find manufacturing examples for components here!

Click here for information about high-performance plastics for food technology!


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