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PLASTIC Components for the semiconductor, solar and electrical industries

Plastics are increasingly being used in the manufacture of solar modules, semiconductors and other electronic components. Especially when handling the mostly sensitive elements, plastics have clear advantages over metallic and also ceramic materials due to their toughness, wear resistance and chemical resistance.

In addtion, plastics have generally good insulation and dielectric properties. When using plastics, there is a basic risk of electrostatic charging, but the materials can be given a defined electrostatic discharge capacity (ESD) through appropriate additives. Thus the danger of electrostatic discharge can be drastically reduced not only during the production of sensitive electronic components but also in other, e.g. potentially explosive, areas.

Advantages of plastics in general

  • high toughness and specific strength
  • high resistance to chemicals and corrosion
  • electrostatic dissipative settings possible
Electrical resistance of different materials

High-performance plastics offer further advantages in addition to the properties already described. Above all, the processes of silicon processing or wafer production require extreme chemical resistance combined with high demands on material purity, wear resistance and dimensional stability. Here, high-performance plastics are superior to most other materials.
They are highly pure, hardly emit any gases in a vacuum, have only a low contamination with foreign ions and show a high plasma resistance. Like all other plastics, the high-performance plastics can also be provided with an  electrostatic discharge capacity (ESD).

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Company Holidays 2023

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