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Plastic components for food and packaging technology

Food and packaging technology is one of the areas of application in which plastic is traditionally used extensively;  and not only as a packaging material. Mechanical components made of engineering plastics are frequently used in the plants and machines of the food and packaging industry in particular.

Advantages of plastics in general:

  • low weight - high specific strength
  • good chemical and corrosion resistance
  • good sliding and dry running properties

Additives can be used to set additional properties for use in food processing machines, e.g:

  • self-lubricating properties (plain bearing plastics)
  • optical and/or magnetic detectability.

But also the good thermal and electrical insulation properties, the high damping and vibration capacity as well as the partly extremely high wear resistance makes the use of plastics for components in the machines of the food and packaging machinery industry reasonable.

We attach great importance to the correct choice of material, because only the right plastic will show the desired result in the application you are aiming for. For comprehensive advice on all aspects of material selection, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Find out more about the areas of application in food technology, the advantages of high-performance plastics, the requirements for plastics and/or suitable plastics in contact with food by clicking on the appropriate link.


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