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Technical components made of plastic

Even today, technical components made of plastic are unimaginable for many people. The term "plastic" is associated with packaging, shopping bags or toothbrushes, but not with components that have to perform technical functions. People simply do not yet believe that plastics are capable of absorbing high loads and are sometimes far superior to metallic or ceramic materials.

Technical components made of plastic are not only in demand for applications in automotive, solar and electrical engineering as well as general mechanical engineering; they also meet the technical requirements of many application areas in aerospace, food, bio- and medical technology.

Technical components made of plastic can essentially be produced by two methods; on the one hand by machining, in which the components are shaped by cutting processes (turning, milling, etc.); on the other hand by injection moulding, in which the components are moulded directly from the plasticised plastic under pressure. We offer you both processes, just as it is technically necessary and economically reasonable!

Since we only manufacture complex and highly stressed components in mostly small construction lots, the machining production on lathes and milling machines takes up the largest share of our production capacity. About 70% of our turnover is made with machined plastic components. Our production facilities offer the greatest possible flexibility, so that we can respond to almost all customer requests.

Here you can see some production examples!

For information on machining technology click here!

Information about injection moulding technology is available here!

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